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01 What is it?

Now in its 28th year, The Prince's Trust dedicates itself to helping young people fulfil their potential by offering various grants and loans to help them get their project off the ground.

Whether you're a budding DJ or thinking of setting up your own label, and want to get help and advice with training, The Prince's Trust could help you out.

What is The Prince's Trust?

The Prince's Trust is the UK 's leading youth charity, enabling 14-30 year olds to develop confidence and skills, get into work and start their own businesses.

It focuses on those who are unemployed, underskilled, within or leaving the criminal justice system or leaving care.

If it does not have the facilities to help, The Prince's Trust will put you in touch with a local group who can.

02 What Support Is Available?

The Prince's Trust business programme offers low interest loans of up to 5,000, grants of up to 1,500, and support, advice and training to enable 18-30 year olds to start their own business.

Who can apply and how are they assessed?

Individuals will be considered if they have a viable business idea and the dedication to make it happen, but have not been able to obtain the funding they need from other sources such as banks and building societies.

Each application is assessed on an individual basis. Applications are considered by volunteer Award Panels who meet on a regular basis.

What makes a good business idea?

The aim is to encourage individuality. The Prince's Trust wants people to come to them with ideas and then they will make an assessment.

03 Case Studies

Here are a couple example of how The Prince's Trust have helped people.

Lady Fli, MC and DJ, 22 years old, North London

MC and a rapper Lady Fli wanted to progress as a DJ. She attended Sound Live, The Prince's Trust 6 day residential music course. She got practical help about how to make it work as a DJ including how to approach DJ agencies and promote herself. She went on to do a 40 week DJ and music course at Ocean in Hackney and help run DJ workshops for young people at the SkillCity event in Manchester.

"The course was great. It helped me find the confidence to perform in front of other people. DJing is really male dominated but working on the course made me feel that I could succeed at it as a woman. It was quite inspirational... I attended a Sound Live graduate course, and then applied for a grant from the Trust to run workshops raising drug and sexual-health awareness using music and DJing."

Anonymous tagger, 19, Peterborough

A graffiti artist who wants to remain anonymous, was tag-and-run bangin' at night with mates. He had been involved in shoplifting, car crime and drugs. The Prince's Trust hooked him up with 'Green Streets', a project funded by a group award to improve the environment. He helped to decorate two almost derelict underpasses in Peterborough with street art and is now getting ready to go to Hungary on the Prince's Trust European Programme.

"The Prince's Trust listened and gave me choices I never knew about. They knew about my background but they supported me anyway. They gave me the chance to show who I am and what I can do. Being involved in 'Green Streets' allowed me to develop my passion which is street art or graffiti."

04 How Do I Send In My Idea?

Call the freephone number 0800 842 842 or go to

Then what?

Your local Prince's Trust office will get in touch. They will want you to tell them all about your business idea including some details of your business plan:
What are you going to offer?
Where is your market?
Who are your competitors?

If you don't have all the answers, don't worry, The Prince's Trust can help you with planning.

What happens if the proposal is accepted?

As well as the start up funding, you will be assigned a volunteer Business Mentor who will help you during the first three years of your business with accounts, planning, marketing support and specialist advice.

05 Opportunities For Music Makers.

There is a 6 day residential course called Sound Live aimed at developing musical talents.

18-25 year olds who are unemployed and have at least a basic knowledge of an instrument (including vocals) get the chance to work closely with professional musicians and tutors to develop their talents and skills and improve their confidence.

This also applies to aspiring rappers and DJs as well as traditional instruments.

The course covers guidance on playing new styles, playing in bands, specialist instrument tuition.

It ends with a final night gig.

Food, travel and accommodation is provided by The Prince'sTrust.

06 Other Help From The Prince's Trust.

There are Group Awards, for people who have an idea that will benefit the community such as a community radio station or a community website. This is open to anyone aged between 14 and 25 and for groups between 3 and 12 people.

For individuals who require help with training or education - for example a budding DJ wishing to develop his skills - there is the Development Award which offers cash awards on a scale of 50 to 500.

In addition to the categories mentioned previously, those on New Deal will also be eligible for some of the programmes.

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