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Slashed Seat Affair Interviewed

Post  Street Voice UK on Wed Apr 29, 2009 8:28 am

Slashed Seat Affair are one of the best Indie Pop Punk/Rock bands in the UK. A press copy of their album was sent to me a while back and I was hooked. The tunes were catchy and the vocal delivery spot on so there was only one thing to do and that was feature the band in Street Voice. A few questions were sent off and here's what they had to say for themselves.

Street Voice: First off can you introduce the band to our readers please?

Noel: We are Ellie on vocals, Noel on guitar, Darren on bass and Rob on drums

Ellie: Me, him, him and him.

Darren: We are Slashed Seat Affair - Ellie on vocals, Noel on guitar, Darren on bass and Rob on drums. We call ourselves dirty pop and I think that's a good description.

Street Voice: What inspired you all to pick up your instruments and play the music that you do?

Noel: Slash and Jimmy Page inspired me to pick up the guitar and Darren and Ellie's songs inspired me join the band.

Ellie: Freddie Mercury and my Nana - my two main influences. Nana also introduced me to cake baking.

Darren; For me it was David Bowie. I wanted to be a musician as soon as I heard his records.

Rob: My parents where both hippies and very much into music. Music played in our house 24/7. Dad loved the Stones and Eric Clapton and we watched many concerts together. I liked to focus on what the drummer was doing and how the other musicians would interact.

Street Voice: So where do you get your ideas for lyrics?

Noel:Ask Ellie

Ellie: The lyrics all relate to personal experiences, from relationships to friendships, to tinnitus! I don't seem to write throwaway lyrics well, I have tried! Generally they all mean something..

Street Voice: You've just recently released 'Forget You' so how has that gone down with the press and yours fans?

Noel: Our Fans love it, it accompanied by an amazing video which has just won an award for best video at the EMA awards.

Ellie: It's gone down really well - considering the budget we're working to. Being a DIY band / label it's hard to reach out to the entire population, but we're working on that..

Darren: We're really pleased with the response we've had. We just won an award at the Exposure Music Awards 2009 for the video of Forget You which we're all delighted about as you can imagine. Overall, we're pleased with how things have gone.

Rob: Our fans loved it! We made a great start and raised a lot of awareness. I even got a call from my former boss telling me how great he thought the band was and how he had downloaded the single and showed the video to his kids and said 'I used to work with that lazy guy!'.

Street Voice: You album 'Noises' is ready to go - when is it being released?

Noel: Not Sure

Ellie: Ask Phil - he knows! (Our Label Manager)

Darren: Mid May. So keep your ears out for it!!

Rob: I'm guessing late May but Phil, Darren & Ellie look after that side of things. Me bang drum.

Street Voice: When you heard the finished product would you have made any changes in hindsight?

Noel: I'd like to have been playing on it but I wasn't in the band at the time, I think it sounds great though and look forward to being on the next one, we recorded some b-sides together and that was the first time I recorded with the band and it was magic, a great dynamic.

Ellie: Noel on guitar?!

Darren: None really. It sounds hackneyed and clichéd but the songs really do represent a journey for us, so we have no regrets. The album is representative of us and does what we wanted it to.

Rob: It's our first album right? So the answer is no. Our sound naturally develops. You'll hear our progress with the 2nd album.

Street Voice: You have another single coming out soon so is this taken off 'Noises' or is it a brand new song?

Ellie: No More Lies is off the album, yes.

Darren: It's from Noises. We’ve also recorded some "live" b-sides to be release on iTunes with the single. These songs aren't included on the album. Again, we're happy with them as it gives the listener an indication of our true live sound.

Noel: The new single is also taken from the album, it's called 'No More Lies' and it rocks, it's a bit grittier than 'Forget You'. We've also done a video for it which we filmed on an old red London Routemaster bus, lots of fun!!
Street Voice: All your releases are self released aren't they?

Ellie: Yes

Darren: Yes. We set up our own label, Fill The Void Records which will be used to release our music. It felt right for us to do it that way. It just means we al have to work a bit harder when it comes to promotion etc.

Noel: this is correct, it show's the hard work we've all put in and the loyalty of our production team and what a great job they've done with no outside funding or major labels to help.

Street Voice: When you see some of the dire music in the charts do you get a little miffed when a quality band like you is ignored by the mainstream press, labels etc?

Ellie: Yes. Definitely. But each to their own, good luck to all. We'll get there as we believe in what we do and the people we meet along the way love it too.

Darren; Obviously we'd love a greater profile in terms of press coverage and national radio play, but with a tiny budget you have to be realistic. We can't compete with the majors in terms of a marketing budget. We're relying on word of mouth and support from the radio stations who've played us. We have faith in what we do and we're glad you think we're quality though! Wanna buy us a drink?

Rob: Furious. Don't get me started, all I say for now is 'corruption'. And the worst of it is that some of these "artists" don't appreciate what they have. If we only had half the resources these arseholes get given....

Noel: I do worry about the state of lots of music at the moment so I try to ignore it! it's a shame that people are subjected to such rubbish and don't even realise that there is a lot of quality music about that isn't the public eye mainly because the record companies who decide what you listen to have such dire taste and are more interested in taking your money rather than supplying you with a decent and REAL product. So yeah, I'm a little miffed!!

Street Voice: Being involved in music I've found that many people sadly get put off by female vocalists so have you encountered this ridiculous discrimination?

Noel: Not really, there are many hugely successful female artists these days, and Ellie's going to be one of them very soon!

Ellie: Sure - but look at the papers today. Women are paid on average 16% less than men. Stupid.

Darren: Not overtly. I think there's a tendency to be quite lazy when dealing with female fronted bands. You're either described as Blondie or No Doubt. Not such a bad comparison I might add but they always seem to be the obvious reference points when mentioning a female fronted rock band.

Rob: Yes. Why? Tell me. I don't know.

Street Voice: If you could share a stage with just three other bands who would they be and why?

Noel: Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam and The Stone Roses – all legends.

Ellie: Queen for me - just because they were the most amazing live band. In the world.

Darren: I'd go for Bowie – My hero.

Rob: I’d go for The Rolling stones personally - what a band!
Street Voice: Ellie must get chatted up a lot at shows so any crazy chat up lines you'd like to share with our readers?

Noel: I dare you to go and chat up Ellie!!

Ellie: Nobody does dare chat me up! Maybe it's because I'm ugly? Or do you think they're scared of me? Haha... I wish! Come and say 'hello' boys! I'm waiting!

Street Voice: being English and playing the music that you do what are your favourite alcoholic drinks?

Noel: Red Wine, lots of it, and maybe a couple of nice single malt whiskeys served in a honey pot for Darren!

Ellie: Wine - white or rose

Darren: Depends if we're buying or not. We're just a bunch of old wino's really! If you're offering though we'll have some champers, ta very much!

Rob: I’m Irish so would have to be Guinness please.

Street Voice: What plans do you have for the rest of 2009?

Noel: Gig's, hopefully a nice support tour with someone cool and extremely famous!! and start writing and recording the next album.

Ellie: Lots and lots of gigs - our favourite thing.

Darren: Gigs, writing, sleeping eating, drinking.

Rob: banging my drum.

Street Voice: Anything you'd like to add?

Noel: See ya backstage at a rather large venue soon!!

Ellie: Thanks for the interview! Hope you like the gig and the album! Hope to speak to you soon.

Darren: Lip smacking, Groove drenching, dirty tasting riff arresting, drum splitting, amp blasting, siren singing, rock's a Slashed Seat Affair.

Rob: Bang.

Thanks for a great interview and getting the answers back so quickly. Slashed Seat Affair's debut album ‘Noises’ goes on sale on 18th May and is certainly worth picking up. They're One of the best bands doing the rounds in the UK and to ignore Slashed Seat Affair would be sheer criminal.
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