April Reviews 09 - Well Some Of them Anyway

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April Reviews 09 - Well Some Of them Anyway

Post  Street Voice UK on Sat Apr 25, 2009 5:19 am

AMANDA DROSTE - Unfazed: When I first heard this lady on My Space I was impressed and when her album 'Unfazed' arrived I can safely say I'm in love with Amanda Droste. This ten track album has hardly been out my player and when you hear this baby you'll know why I love it so much. 'Unfazed' opens up with my favourite song of the album 'I Wont Know' which is a great catchy pop song and from then on there's other great songs such as 'American Idle', 'A Thousand Miles', the title track 'Unfazed' and 'Too Late to Learn'. Amanda has been vocally compared to Alanis Morisette but you can also hear Cerys Mathews style vocals on here too. However it's fair to say while Amanda has these comparisons all ten songs on this album are original songs in their own right and really deserve to be heard. Amanda Droste is one of the best things to come out of America and really does deserve to be a huge star. 9.5/10

ASSERT - Laser Tattoo Removal Service: It's been a while since Assert put out an album and after listening to this eighteen track album it's certainly been worth the wait. From start to finish you're treated to some great HC tunes with very un-predictable socially aware lyrics that are delivered with sincerity from front man Britt. While many HC bands shy away from telling it how it is Assert are the opposite. Just check out songs like 'When A Mother Dies', 'England Belongs To Them', 'Patriotic Masterbation' and 'Anti Nazi'. After hearing those songs you'll soon realise Assert don't sit on the fence. Aside from Britt's well written lyrics and excellent vocal delivery credit also has to be given to Ben and Ryan on guitars who make such a great team. Not forgetting some great bass lines from Mike and keeping it all in time is Frank on drums. Between the five of them they make Assert the band they are and it's fair to say they're the best HC in the UK. The proof of this lies in this album. 9/10

ERIKA ROSE - Rosegarden Album: Erika Rose is something of a genius and this album is all the proof you need. For years this lady was Alicia Keys tour manager and looking after her needs but her real passion is what you hear within this thirteen track release. Erika Rose creates some great songs and her play incorporating Rock, Soul and Pop works so well with her amazing voice. Not only that but Erika can write sexual songs without the need to degrade or cheapen. The title track 'Rosegarden' is one such song and many artists should take a leaf out this young lady's book. Other great tracks include 'The Darkness', 'Why', 'Backstabbaz Bounce' and 'Fairy Tales'. You can't get anything better than this release. Erika Rose is beautiful, her voice is amazing and her words are some of the most creative I've read in years. And to compliment such a fine release is a spot DVD, top quality packaging and a top production too. I love this release to bits and so will you! 10/10

FIGHTSTAR - Be Human: This is the first time I've sat down and listened to an album from Fightstar and what I'm hearing is something very cool. There's been plenty of great ideas put into this recording and this is sure going to be a hit. There's twelve tracks on this release which range the very catchy 'The English Way' right through to the screamo influenced 'Damocies'. In fact there's also a 16-piece orchestra and school choir that are featured on this release too! Fightstar really have put their heart and soul into this release and when you hear the finished results you'll agree with my thoughts of 'Be Human'. In fact it's releases like this that restore my faith in the British music scene as there's not been a UK band that has written something of such high quality in a while now! Listen to this album with an open mind and you'll enjoy this baby so much. 9.5/10

IONA LEIGH - Beside The Waves Of Time: Iona Leigh is a new name to me but on listening to this Celtic/Folk inspired album I was left feeling very impressed. There's twelve tracks on this album and not one filler. All the songs on 'Beside The Waves Of Time' have been given the same love and attention which leaves you wondering why this woman isn't signed!! Nothing has been left out Even the packaging is of high quality and the artwork is amazing. Iona Leigh not only is a good looking lady but she's very creative with a voice that most people would kill for! Her gorgeous sounding vocals fit in so well with the music and the proof of this lies throughout this album. However some of the tracks that left me feeling great were the opening number 'Peaches In The Summertime', 'Let Erin Remember', 'White Dove', 'I Let You Go' and 'Blow The Candle Out'. Iona Leigh and her album really do deserve to be heard and this is one album that shouldn't be ignored. 9.5/10

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