Stray / Groundhogs Gig Write Up From April 3rd 09

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Stray / Groundhogs Gig Write Up From April 3rd 09

Post  Street Voice UK on Sat Apr 04, 2009 11:59 pm

Stray + GroundHogs - Live Westcoast, Margate - Fri 3rd April - Seaside Shuffle Promotions

I head down the venue as the new promoter at the Westcoast was putting on his first show for the venue. After chatting to a few people and supping a few drinks with Andy the sound engineer it was time for the band to hit the stage.

First on were legendary rock band 'Stray' who've been at it for years under various line-ups and even had songs covered by the likes of Iron Maiden. Andy was telling me who he used to see this when he was a teeneger - Christ they must be an old band! Anyway they played a very tight set and were certainly the better band by far. The only original member Del Bromham on guitar and vocals is a wicked front person and couldn't help making jokes about the sound engineers laugh. That laugh has to be heard just to understand how funny it is! For those who missed this night you didn't even have to be into prog rock just to appreciate what a tight abd great live band Stray are.

Next band up were the 'Groundhogs' fronted by Tony McPhee who I'd last seen in the 90's at some Blues club up north. Tonight they showed why some bands shouldn't carry on when they get too old! It just didn't happen for the band on the night and at times I wondered if Mr McPhee would be able to keep up. I was told he had a stroke but hey while that sucks for the man I see no point in tarnishing a bands good name with lack lustre performances. In fact the band did have to slow down twice and it blatantly showed. It was bad as some of the audience walked out wondering why they'd paid out 15 in some cases. Still the diehard fans seemed to enjoy themselves.

All in all not a bad night and plenty of beer was supped. 90 in for a first show wasn't bad. It could have been better but bumping into a couple of blues fans today i know they weren't prepared to pay to see the Groundhogs as their shows over the last couple of years have been poor to say the least.

Next show for Seaside Shuffle Promotions is on Friday 1st May with The Mods Vs The Rockers themed based show. Check out for more details.
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