March Reviews 2009 - Well Some Of Them Anyway!!

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March Reviews 2009 - Well Some Of Them Anyway!!

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THE AMATEURS Homesick EP: Hearing this three track piano-led pop EP I was pleasantly surprised with what I heard. Mathew Colley and co write songs aimed at a mainstream audience but with a difference They write songs with a bit of integrity about them. The catchy tunes that are heard here seem to be missing from a large proportion of commercial music these days and that's sad. All three tracks are nifty little numbers though I must say 'London Sky' is my favourite number on here. The piano really works well with the guitar and bass and I suppose that's what adds to this EP's charm. The Amateurs are certainly a mainstream audience to look out for in 2009. This EP is all you need to hear why this four-piece are going to hit it big. 8/10

Self Released

GASLIGHT ANTHEM - Great Expectations: This is the latest single to be released from their album '59 Sound' which was released in 2008. For those still not in the know about Gaslight Anthem really do need to pick up this three-track single to understand what all the fuss is about. 'Great Expectations' is a cracking guitar song and on this release there's two versions of the song Both of which are spot on! The second track on this release 'Miles Davis + The Cool' is good enough to be released as single in it's own right. Gaslight Anthem are a top band and this single confirms why everyone is banging on about them! 8/10

Side One Dummy

NEW FOUND GLORY Not without A Fight: NFG are back with their sixth album and for all those who are anticipating a great release wont be disappointed. This American five-piece may have been around for a long time but one thing is they haven't forgotten to write good songs. Every track is delivered with so much energy but more importantly this album is full of passion and throughout this twelve track album you wont find one filler. From the opening moments of 'Right Where We Left Off' you know you're onto a winner. Then there's more to come with 'Listen To Your Friend', 'Tangled Up', 'Heartless At Best' and 'Don't Let This Be Then End'. There's twelve tracks in all and everyone a winner. NFG have certainly regained their title of Pop-Punk champs for me. I don't think there'll be many bands to come along and write an album as good as this one. Not only is this a great album musically but it's also spot on production and packaging wise. 9/10


THE WARRIORS Unite The Scene: I've been waiting for this album to come out for a while now and was happy when it fell through the mailbox. Off it went into the player and now I'm here listening to the best album the band has done to date. In fairness to past members there's only Saxby who survives from the old days. What you have for your money are twelve decent Punk songs that are similar in style to early Contempt. To get the negatives out the way I felt three songs came close to sounding dangerously the same and the three bonus tracks weren't my thing either! If you can't add something to a song or better it then don't cover it. It's a simple rule that works. Aside from pointing that out I have to say this may not be the best album in the world but it's an honest album and on that point alone 'Unite The Scene' deserves to be heard. There's some good songs on here such as 'Kill Your Boss', 'Fists Of Fury'. 'S.N.A.F.U.' and 'Up The Bridgehouse' which have a great impact and make you want to get up and dance! The Production is pretty damned good and packaging is top notch and it's good to see some effort put into these areas. I wish more bands in this scene would do the same. It's also great to hear an Oi! album that doesn't sing about blindly loving ones country and having sly digs at non-whites etc. Saxby and the lads have done well here and this is certainly an Oi! album that deserves your support. 7.5/10

Streetheart Records

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BLACK SABBATH Deluxe Expanded Edition 'Paranoid': For any fan of Black Sabbath this triple-disc release is a dream come true. As part of this package you get the original album alongside the rare 1974 quadraphonic mix of Paranoid and eight unreleased tracks which are mainly instrumentals. If that isn't enough you get expanded booklets with rare or unseen photos and comprehensive sleeve notes. You just couldn't wish for a better package from one of the most influential bands to ever hit this planet and anyone who has a love for Sabbath will deeply treasure this release. Black Sabbath and Universal haven't been lazy with this package and have put something together that is credible and puts many re-issues to shame. 9.5/10

Universal Music

THE DUEL - Childish Behaviour: This is the second album from London based punk band 'The Duel'. While this is one of the best punk albums doing the rounds at present I have to say that I think the band are still capable of much better. The problem with Childish Behaviour is there are no classics like 'Camden Town' and if those classics were on here I'd be in heaven. I know the band didn't want to do a repeat of their debut album but there are songs on here if re-worked a little more could have been the classics associated with this release. Proof of that lies with 'Solitary Life', 'Free Way' and 'Side By Side' which are good songs in their own right but with that little extra would have had people thinking 'Wow'. The Duel do have the 'Wow' factor and are by far the best punk band in the UK but they really do need to up it a level. Having said that this album is certainly worth a listen because the Duel are great, they're unique and the vocalist / lyricist is certainly up there along all the great female artists to hit this planet! What's more as a bonus you get an eleven-track bonus disc which features several acoustic tracks from the Duel. This in it's own right is certainly worth a listen too! This also comes well produced and the art-work is the nuts too! This is one band I truly believe in and one band you should too! 8/10


IN THIS MOMENT - The Dream: This band are certainly not one hit wonders. 'The Dream' is full of great rock songs and more importantly there's much diversity within this fourteen track album. From the opening moments of 'The Rabbit Hole' you are treated to some of the best rock tunes that have been released in 2009 and I'll be very surprised if this album does not win an award somewhere along the line. The quality of the songs are just something else and you'll find every song is full of passion both musically and vocal wise. However there are some tracks that stand out for me including 'Forever', 'Lost', 'You Always Believed' and 'The Great Divide'. It's albums like this that really brighten up my day and once people hear this I can safely say this band will be huge. In This Moment are a band that you really do need to check out. 9.5/10

Century Media

QUEENSRYCHE - The Eyes Of A Soldier: While the lyrical influences come from the real life experiences of war veterans I have to say this release doesn't glorify war at all. If anything it gives you an insight to how war is bad. Queensryche have certainly written something that will get people thinking and that's what makes this album so damned good. The way this album has been structured has taken a lot of thought and when you hear these twelve numbers I'm sure you'll agree with that. I like how the band incorporate those war veteran words into their songs which certainly add to their charm. 'Home Again' even goes as far as seeing Geoff Tate do a duet with his young daughter. Geoff Tate sings from a soldier's point of view going off to war while his daughter sings from the view of the child left behind. A powerful number indeed! Queensryche have written a killer of an album here and one that most rock fans will enjoy. 8/10

ATCO / Rhino

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